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Here's +!LIVESTREAMs* [WATCH!_LIVE^]!!2024 Tokyo Marathon Live FreE On TV Channel....How to watch Eliud Kipchoge at the 2024 Tokyo Marathon The double Olympic gold medallist headlines the 2024 Tokyo Marathon on Sunday 3 March, his last race before his possible fifth Olympics at Paris 2024.There is always excitement whenever Eliud Kipchoge lines up for a race, but more than that, there's expectation.

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He is touted to win every marathon race he starts, and it’s not just the victories. The Kenyan, known for his front-running, goes fast and enjoys flirting with world records.

The 39-year-old, who has showcased marathon greatness over an 11-year period, is gearing up for the Tokyo Marathon on Sunday, 3 March, his last race before the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Kipchoge's course record of 2:02:40 from two years ago still stands, but it will be under threat as he aims to carry the momentum to his fifth Olympics in Paris.

Kipchoge will be joined by equally fast compatriots on the starting line: Vincent Kipkemoi, who finished second when the former world record holder won his fifth Berlin title last year, and Timothy Kiplagat.Eliud Kipchoge: Top facts you might not know about the marathon record holderThe opening Abbott World Marathon Majors event of 2024 will take place in Tokyo as the passionate marathon nation of Japan welcomes a trio of leading NN Running Team performers. Read more below to get the full lowdown on the race, which takes place on Sunday (3 March) 2024.

Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge has selected a return to the Tokyo Marathon as he builds up his preparations for a tilt at an unprecedented three Olympic marathon gold medals in Paris.

The endurance running icon has happy memories of the race having triumphed in the Japanese capital two years ago in a race record time of 2:02:40.

Kipchoge boasts a proud race record in country having struck Olympic gold at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics - when the marathon was run on the streets of Sapporo. Meanwhile, long before his days of marathon domination, he claimed a 5000m silver medal on the track at the 2007 World Championships in Osaka.

Kipchoge has enjoyed a good preparation and is excited by the prospect of pursuing what will be the 12th Marathon Major of his extraordinary career.Things started off OK, but didn’t finish quite right.

The Tokyo Marathon was only held for the first time in 2007, but it’s quickly become one of the premier distance running events in Japan. Conditions for this year’s iteration look to be just about ideal, with clear skies and mild temperatures forecast for the start of the race at 9:10 a.m. on Sunday. But while no participants have started running just yet, there’s already been a stumble from sponsor and supplier Asics.

Among other commemorative items, the sportwear company is selling a Tokyo Marathon 2024 Limited-edition Souvenir T-shirt through its online shop and at brick-and-mortar vendors. Available in white, black, or navy blue, the front of the shirt has depictions of some of the famous pieces of Tokyo architecture the runners will go by during the race, and on the back is a map of the course with “RUN TOKYO” written in large lettering.Even in a country where the fondness for loanwords often outstrips skill at spelling them, this is a pretty big blunder. The English “finish” shows up frequently in signage, user interfaces, and graphic design in Japan, so it’s surprising to see that funish slipped through to the shirts’ production phase.

So how did this happen? One possibility has to do with the structure of the Japanese language. As we discussed in our explanation of how a sign in Japan mistakenly directed motorists to a fart for 30 years, in the Japanese language consonants generally have to be followed by a vowel. However, much like how Japanese famously doesn’t have an “L” sound, not every consonant/vowel combination we have in English exists in Japanese. Within orthodox Japanese linguistics, the only vowel that F can be followed by is U, which could explain why no one at Asics caught the funish mistake before the shirts were printed and put on sale.

There is a way to brute-force a fi sound when writing Japanese by using katakana, the script used for writing foreign language-sourced words. Even then, though, it involves using the katakana character for “fu” and adding a smaller version of the katakana for “i” immediately after.The women’s race has also attracted top class-runners, led by Sifan Hassan. The reigning London and Chicago Marathon champion will make her debut at the Tokyo race.

Can the Dutch star win her third World Marathon Majors in a row?

Hassan, who has won three medals across three events at the Olympics, is considered one of the favourites. She will use Tokyo to decide whether she's ready for a championship marathon debut in Paris or if she will stick to the track.

The second-fastest woman in history with her 2:13:44 from Chicago will line up alongside World champion Amane Beriso and last year’s Tokyo winner Rosemary Wanjiru, who is based in Japan.

Below you can find out how to watch the most successful living marathoner at the Olympics, who will start his race at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and finish at the Tokyo station.

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